Landscaping for perfect Summer evenings

Landscaping for perfect Summer evenings


How to make a success of your landscaping and what instructions should you follow? If you have the pleasure of enjoying a beautiful garden and you want it to be perfectly designed and decorated, we invite you to discover our file of ideas for decoration and decoration for a beautiful exterior!


Landscaping: symmetry and minimalism


landscaping landscaped stone fountain idea landscaping 

In interior design and exterior design of ground works for building, minimalism and geometric shapes take precedence. Our living spaces require very little furniture and the less we have, the better for our well-being and our budget. Today, we present to you what are the steps to follow when you create a landscaped and modern garden.


Landscaping inspired by Japanese culture

japanese garden landscaping garden path japanese style zen


Before you begin landscaping your landscaped garden, first consider the space. Calculate the area you have and determine your needs: do you want to enjoy the outdoors to organize meals and evenings outdoors or prefer to lie comfortably on a chaise-longue with a good book and a drink of wine?


Garden landscaping idea with contemporary design pool


landscaping modern design pool

Landscaping and decorating your garden is a pleasant and creative activity. When it comes to the layout of our living space, the question of how to organize it always arises. One of the first major elements of a successful garden organization is the garden path.


The garden path is an essential part of the exterior layout


landscaped garden idea landscaping modern trend outdoors

The garden path connects the entrance of your house and the garden. It is also the second thing to see after the garden gate. Giving style to your outdoor space is essential for harmonious landscaping.


Beautiful wooden garden path to make yourself in harmony with the environment


Allee garden-DIY-wood

Inwood or stone, anti-slip and modern, the garden path is not neglected. In addition, she plays two roles at once: practical and decorative. For these two reasons, its function is important.


Aesthetic and original garden alley made of small white and gray stones


Garden path stone original design modern ideas

The garden path exists in a wide variety of materials: slab, tile, wood, stone, gravel and others. Two important elements to take into account when choosing the material for your garden path: its resistance and its aesthetics.


Making a garden path made of stone or wood is not complicated


garden path stone diy original idea landscaping

Remember that your garden path will be exposed to weather conditions throughout the year. If the climate in your area is rainy, choose a material that can easily withstand rain.


Idea of garden path and wooden pergola for outdoor landscaping


garden pathway landscaping pergola idea terrace

Most of the materials on the market are treated to withstand bad weather. If you prefer to create your garden path with stones or reclaimed wood, consider treating the material with a non-slip product and a suitable protector.


Brick garden alley: the industrial style invites itself into the garden


Garden Pathway DIY Garden Landscaping Outdoor Area Modern Bricks Garden Industrial Style Design Idea

Our advice is to put safety before aesthetics to avoid slips and dangerous falls when your garden path is wet.


Beautiful original idea of DIY garden path with heart-shaped stones


Outdoor garden path garden landscaping idea modern space

Stones invite themselves inside and outside to decorate. Creating a mosaic garden path is an easy and inexpensive idea. It is possible to invent many different forms. Below, we see a garden path of white stones and stones in dark gray:


Idea of mosaic garden path to do with stones of various colors


landscaped garden landscaping Pierre DIY deco

Creating a reclaimed wood garden driveway is an excellent idea if you want it to blend with the outdoor environment. It is also the most aesthetic option. On the other hand, wood is less resistant than stone.


Wooden garden driveway to make yourself for a harmonious exterior


Garden landscaping alley wood idea terrace plant water basin

Think of the lighting of your garden path: safety is important. A poorly lit garden path can be dangerous at night.


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